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-Class Yachts have been featured in many magazines. Click the thumnbails below to view larger images and download full articles.

Quest Quest Quest Boat International USA Sail Magazine
Sailing WoodenBoat Classic Boat Sail Magazine Yachting World
Edgar WoodenBoat Nautique WoodenBoat Classic Boat Editor

Questmag - Nov 2010 A Sailor's Love Story - by Donald Tofias
Questmag - Jul 2010 Spirit of the Seas - by Camilla Bradley
Questmag - Feb 2010 Adventures in Paradise - by Jean Paul F. Richter
Boat International USA Wild Horses - by Alessandro Vitelli
Sail Magazine February 2005 - Cover - Photo by Cory Silken
Sailing May 2004 - Cover - Photo by Daniel Forster
WoodenBoat August 2004 - The Spirit of Tradition - by Nic Compton
Classic Boat February 2002 - Modern Model
Sail Magazine April 2002 - Cover - Photo by Bob Greiser
Yachting World September 2001 -
-Class: Un rêve de milliardaire
Edgar November 2001 -
-Class: C'est un jouet extraordinaire - by Daphné Morgan-Barnicoat
WoodenBoat October 1999 - Racing in Real Time - by Bill Mayher
Nautique April 1999 - Kassiek, maar dan modern - by Hans Brouwers
WoodenBoat October 1998 - Wild Horses: The first of the
-class sloops - by Maynard Bray
Classic Boat Editor October 1998 - The
-Class - by Nic Compton

"Donald Tofias needed only two fingers to gently adjust the balance wheel of his
-76 racing boat, Wild Horses, as it glided downwind before a fresh northerly breeze. A lifelong sailor and an aficionado of classic wooden sailboats, Tofias had the contented look of a man steering the biggest, prettiest boat on the bay, which, of course, he was."

Herb McCormick, The New York Times

"The great beauty of long ends is that the hull naturally adopts the best shape for the conditions. In light winds it sits upright, giving a shorter waterline and less wetted surface area, while as the wind increases the hull heels over, lengthening the waterline to maximize speed."

Nic Compton, Classic Boat

"Once the sails are set, she simply takes off. She is stiff, her high ballast to weight ration ensuring that puffs are converted into acceleration, exhilarating on any point of sail, tracks well and has a sweet, light touch to the helm."

Alessandro Vitelli, Boat International USA